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Basic Upright Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Last updated 6 years ago

Maintaining your vacuum is important to ensuring its long life. Here are some tips for a standard upright vacuum.

      o Lower the vacuum handle into a normal operating position 
      o Adjust the height to the highest position (4).
      o Turn the vacuum on and adjust brush height adjustment knob down 
      o (4-3-2-1) until the vacuum begins to pull slightly or the pitch of   the motor changes. The vacuum is then adjusted correctly.
      o Sensor XP series are self adjusting.

  • Check the cord before plugging in the vacuum cleaner. Cords should have the ground plug intact and should not have any exposed wires or tape covering wires as these can lead to unsafe conditions and potential OSHA fines.
  • Make sure that the brush roller is clean and free from strings and other debris that can get wrapped around it. When removing these strings use a seam ripper instead of scissors or a knife as that is much safer.
  • Run a credit card or driver’s license along the face plates on either side of the brushes to see if the brush needs replaced. As long as the bristles make contact with the credit card or driver’s license the brush is in good shape. If not, replace the brush.
  • Make sure the vacuum is adjusted properly. Adjusting a vacuum too high or too low will result in recovery that is not efficient or effective. If your vacuum has a 4 position adjustment follow these steps to make sure it is adjusted to the correct height:
  • Empty the vacuum bag on a regular basis and check for clogs that need to be removed. Many vacuums will tell you when these areas need attention, if yours does not check these areas on a weekly basis.
  • When you are finished, gently pull the plug from the wall and do not yank it out from 10 feet away. Drop the cord and wrap it up from the vacuum to the plug. If you wrap the cord by unplugging it, grabbing the end, and wrapping it as you work your way back to the vacuum then you lock the "twist" into the cord. This is what causes cords on equipment to "pig-tail" and wear out prematurely.
  • Never vacuum moist or wet matting or carpeting.


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