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Windsor: Want More Information On Eliminating Bedbugs?

Last updated 7 years ago


Know the Enemy

Bedbugs are small, flat, wingless insects with six legs that, like mosquitoes, feed on blood from animals or people. They range in color from almost white to brown, but they turn rusty red after feeding. The common bedbug doesn’t grow much longer than 0.2 inches (0.5 centimeters) and can be seen by the naked eye to the astute observer.

Bedbugs get their name because they like to hide in bedding and mattresses.

Bedbugs are most often found in hotels, hostels, shelters, and apartment complexes where lots of people come and go. Because bedbugs hide in small crevices, they can hitch a ride into your home on luggage, pets, furniture, clothing, boxes, and other objects. Bedbugs are found worldwide, but are most common in developing countries. Once rare in North America, they may be on the rise due, in part, to increases in international travel.


Treating Bites

Bedbug bites do not usually require treatment. If a secondary infection occurs (usually from scratching), apply a local antiseptic lotion or antibiotic cream or ointment. Creams with corticosteroids and oral antihistamines may be advised in the presence of allergic reaction or larger skin reactions. In these more severe cases, you may need to see your doctor.

Bedbugs are more of a nuisance than a health hazard. In a recent study, researchers reviewed 53 recent studies on bedbugs and their health and medical effects. The results showed that although bedbugs have been blamed for the spread of up to 40 different human diseases, there is little evidence to suggest they are carriers of human disease.


Battling Bed Bugs?

The Windsor Zephyr is the perfect tool for your facility. Vapor steam has proven to effectively assist in the elimination of bed bugs, foul odors and to sanitize surfaces. The Zephyr creates steam temperatures upwards of 248 degrees, bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive temperatures over 120 degrees.


1. Mattresses and furniture should have all linen removed and properly laundered.

a. Laundry should be treated with high temp wash, bleach products or high temp drying.

2. Visible bed bugs and eggs should be vacuumed off surfaces with an upholstery tool or detail tool using the Versamatic, Sensor or TrekVac.

3. One vacuum bag per infested room.

a. Versamatic bags or Sensor bags opening should be capped immediately upon removal.

b. Remove using gloves and seal in can liner, place in secondary container for transport to final disposal.

4. Zephyr should reach temperature within 9-10 mins.

a. Utilize either the hand tool or floor tool.

b. Suggestion is to wrap a micro-fiber towel around tool to capture excess moisture.

c. Run tool over effected area, back and forth ensuring that steam is penetrating upholstered surface.

d. Do not soak area with steam, area should be damp but no visible standing water.

5. Suggestion is to repeat the process in infected rooms for several days.

6. Vacuum room carpet thoroughly.

7. For usual inspection, utilize the Windsor Dirt Scope on either your

Versamatic or Sensor vacuum to ensure complete removal.

Remember no method is fool proof, but this will definitely address the problem with a simple chemical free solution.


For More Information about  Windsor's line of stand-on equipment contact:

Natalie Damon

Marketing Communications Specialist

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