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    Kärcher's Englewood, CO Manufacturing Plant

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    Craig Rissler and colleagues at Karcher's Englewood plant care for an iconic industry brand well-known in Europe with more growth in store here

    It is unlikely that back in 1935, Alfred Kärcher knew he was planting the seeds for a $2.5 billion dollar company when he built his “Kärcher Salt Bath Furnace.”

    ‘Today, Kärcher is best known as a world leader in pressure washers for home and industry,” says Dan Spickard, vice president of operations. “We are also a diversified cleaning equipment company with factories throughout the world.”

    Though there have been many iterations of the company, globally Kärcher is now one of the top companies in the industrial, commercial and residential cleaning-equipment business. In Colorado, however, it is focused primarily on commercial floor care.

    “We have been at this location since 1980 and occupy about 260,000 square feet here,” says Craig Rissler, plant manager of the Englewood facility.

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    By Valarie Johnson

    PDIR video on ISSA TV!

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Check out this PDIR video that Windsor's Bo Bodo made for ISSA TV!

    The Fundamentals of Carpet Extraction: Proper Carpet Care Starts With Vacuuming

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    By Kassandra Kania

    Proper carpet care, especially extraction, is essential to their longevity — but the

    Deep cleaning carpets can be expensive and time-consuming carpet care practice — not to mention hit or miss when factoring in the potential for over-saturation and improper use of carpet chemicals. Unlike hard flooring, carpet fibers absorb liquid, making them prone to stains and permanent damage that can shorten a carpet’s lifespan.

    Proper carpet care, especially extraction, is essential to their longevity — but the wrong methods can have the opposite effect, leaving them lackluster and turning them into dirt magnets. Fortunately, custodians can take simple steps to prepare carpets for extraction, as well as boost the extraction process itself.

    Vacuums Suck It Up

    Considering about 80 percent of particulate in carpets is dry, the first principal of carpet care extraction is vacuum, vacuum, vacuum.

    “As far as we’re concerned, dry soil removal is the most important part of maintaining carpet,” says Tom Murphy, sales manager for RoVic Inc., Manchester, Conn.

    “The problem is most people don’t vacuum often enough.” To determine how often custodial workers should vacuum their carpets, Murphy recommends calculating the number of footfalls and the amount of traffic in the building.

    Dan Ott, co-owner of Facility Supply Systems Inc. in West Chicago, suggests that custodians vacuum carpets on a daily basis.

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    KASSANDRA KANIA is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, N.C


    Wintertime Presents Floor Cleaning Challenges

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    By Ronnie Garrett

    On a blustery January day, a building service contractor, responsible for upkeep and maintenance at an office building in northern Wisconsin, spends hours shoveling and blowing snow away from building entrances. After clearing the snow, the BSC notices patches of ice and compacted snow remain in spots and decides an ice melt will be needed to mitigate the risks of slips-and-falls.The problem with these products, however, is that although they remove the ice and snow hazard, they also pose a hazard to facility floors if they are tracked in. So, what’s a BSC to do? The answer lies in developing a winter floor care program with damage prevention at its core, says Bill Griffin, owner of Cleaning Consultant Services Inc. of Seattle.“The more we can do to keep things from being tracked in, the easier our maintenance will be,” he says. “Too often, we let things go to heck then try to clean it up in the spring with remediation and restoration. But if we would just do more of the light-duty tasks, such as dust mopping and damp mopping, and had sufficient entrance matting we’d spend less time scrubbing, stripping and refinishing later on.”The elements of a preventative winter floor care program include entrance matting inside and out, increased frequencies for dust mopping and damp mopping, and regular use of floor neutralizers to remove build-up as it occurs.“If you have flooring that’s more sensitive to moisture such as carpeting, wood or bamboo floors, it’s even more critical to prevent moisture from getting tracked in,” Griffin says. “With other types of floors, you might lose your coating and shine, but on this flooring, moisture is very destructive and can even ruin the floor.”

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    Keep Your Extractor Tip Top With Richard Bodo

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Do you want to prolong the life of your extractor, while ensuring peak performance? Watch as Bo from Windsor explains how to get the most out of this essential piece of equipment with a couple of simple steps.

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